What is ?

HealthBreak® is a fully customized television campaign produced for hospitals - featuring their own articulate physicians. MBC, the creators of HealthBreak, pioneered the use of a news segment œfeel to inform viewers of a hospital's services in an objective, credible format: a 90- or 60-second spot that airs weekly during the local news. In most markets, hospitals purchase the airtime during a local newscast and run a new segment each week along with a schedule of promos for 52 weeks.

HealthBreak® has been used by hospitals in more than 70 television markets to showcase their expertise, increase market share and build a stronger bond with their physicians. It's a cost-effective, turnkey marketing tool: the hospital selects the topics and physicians to feature; MBC takes it from there to produce a high quality television campaign.

· Custom produced “ NOT syndicated.

· Shot locally at sponsor hospital “ features local physicians

· Sponsor hospital selects topics and physicians that complement their marketing goals

MBC signs a contract with the hospital for production and the hospital signs a 52 week contract with their local television station for the air schedule!


1 and Only

Only one hospital system in each television market has the exclusive rights to air HealthBreak®.

63% Increase in Physician Referral

That's what happened at Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Reading, Pennsylvania, only five months after the hospital began airing HealthBreak. œFabulous! is how Ann Valuch, the hospital's marketing director, described the response.

100+% ROI

Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale, Georgia, just outside Atlanta, wanted HealthBreak to feature its physicians and showcase its unique medical services. But that turned out to be just the beginning. In addition to increasing public awareness about the hospital, HealthBreak also delivered on the bottom line, with an impressive 100+% return on the initial 6-figure investment.